‘Smiling Coast’ slogan helps sell The Gambia to tourists

– from Bakau to Busumbala

Pictured above: Nyima Sanyang and Mariama Suso in Busumbala, Western Division.

The smallest country on the African continent is known as ‘The Smiling Coast’ and for good reason. 

Seeing is believing! Watch our short video (2 mins).

Gambian people are chilled, friendly and engaging.

However, many Gambian people still stand to attention and put on their most serious face when they agree to being photographed.

Not for us however! Our video shows families, communities and workers (from fishermen to civil servants) dancing, cooking, eating, celebrating, hard-at-work and relaxing, and pulling faces at us!

Especially when cameras were rare up to a few years ago, the dominant thinking was that – if you were photographed – you didn’t want to look daft.

Today, with smartphones everywhere, the idea of smiling for photos and posing has caught on.

‘The Smiling Coast of The Gambia’ has been the country’s marketing slogan since the 1980s. It highlights Gambian people’s friendly nature and the country’s long sandy beaches.

Photography and video by Allen Meagher and Lamin Sanyang. 

This video is dedicated to Demba Jawo and everyone who strives for a greater Gambia

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This journalism was conducted with support from the Simon Cumbers Media Fund.

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